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Again please note that this service is intended for families who are struggling to keep food on the table due to an unforeseen hardship or circumstance. As we are operating on limited donations we provide families with basic foods;  we can only guarantee service when the community provides donations directly toward your cause and the deliveries can be made from a local grocer to your residence.   

If you live in an area unserviceable for delivery through our program please visit California Food Banks for food pantries in your county.

Family Sign Up

We will hold your information for 90 days, as our goal is to assist our families get back on their feet.

Check here if you are a returning applicant

Do you have a State Driver’s License/ID Card?

Are you currently on Welfare?

Is someone in the household collecting unemployment benefits?

Do you have proof of residence?

Check the topics that Feed-A-Family will be allowed to share on our Family Biography page. This will allow the donors in the community to read about your situation and donate directly to your family. All identifying information will be protected and free from public viewing.

By registering for FeedAFamily services you are acknowledging that the statements you provide are true to the best of your knowledge and that the address listed is your official home of record. By submitting the registration form you understand that FeedAFamily services are completely dependent upon donations from the community therefore understanding that services are not guaranteed. FeedAFamily will take into consideration your top 10 grocery requests and dietary/allergen requirements when fulfilling a donation; yet will not be held accountable/liable for any adverse health reactions from food consumption. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the delivered groceries meet your dietary needs.