Supporter's circle


Over our short few years, we have been humbled by the gifts and support by those throughout our Nation.
It is because of these individuals that FeedAFamily has been able to accomplish our mission.

To Our Supporter Circle... We Offer You Our Warmest Thank You

Mr. Ian & Lindsay Turner

Ian and his family have been a large proponent for FeedAFamily's successes since our inception in 2013. It started when we were deployed with the military overseas; when my wife and I were trying to get the FeedAFamily mission off the ground. Since November 2013, Ian and his family have made available 147 deliveries of food to families in need, or better translated into over 600 days of food.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Turner! 

Mr. Robert & Megan Marten 

Robert and his wife Megan have been supporting FeedAFamily since Kate and I proposed our mission in 2013. Again we were deployed, looking to make a difference not only on an host nation's soil, but back at home as well. When talking with Bobby, he simply noted that he would help-out wherever the help was needed. The Martens meant every word of this as they stepped up in 2015 taking over the management of serving families in California. In total, they have served, and are responsible for over 50 deliveries, or more than 200 days of food.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Marten.

...and a Thank You to our Annual Supporters 

Mr. Nick & Pam Jahnke 

Ms. Sherry Cote

Ms. Dee Wulf

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